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I almost went to a movie tonight. If I had, chances are I would've gone to see Tinker Taylor, but I stopped by the book store and bought another how-to book. I need inspiration in the writing department, so I picked up a book on writing dialog.

So I'm sitting behind my manual typewriter wondering who I think I'm kidding trying to write an entire screenplay without electricity. I'm editing the few pages I've already typed up, which is unusual. Most writers don't rewrite until the screenplay is complete.

The landlord comes to my door asking If I would call 911. I'm thinking, what? Thinking the worse, like finding a decapitated head on a hiking trail, the neighbor elaborates. He says there's a lady on the ground out in the street who needs help. I'm like, okay. I'm explaining that the 911 operator is going to want detailed information, my name, number, and WTF is going on. I've been sitting here trying to write a screenplay and you come in here saying that I should call 911 and describe to them what? Something out of the story I'm working on? Jeez.

This is the second time something comes up involving this mysterious woman who lives two houses up the street. Apparently she's a nut case. Fortunately I've never come into contact, but tonight the neighbor found himself restraining her because she was raising a ruckus about the trash that has not been picked up. She was placing her trash bins out in the street all around the neighbors car, and one of the things she is throwing out is a mattress, which she placed on top of the parked car. Then she began to hurt the owner of the car and that's when things escalated.

My neighbor came out of his house to assist his daughter and the crazy lady behaved unreasonably by spitting, kicking and what-not. I almost got myself into the mood for a movie after the interruption but all the commotion served as interesting entertainment.

I am trying to put the story together now. It may turn out to be similar in structure to Run, Lola, run because I'm dead set in repeating the same story in three different perspectives. I'm tired now. I have to work tomorrow.

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