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I brought home yet another book to read. This one is a novel by Iris Johansen who, according to the book cover, is a NY Times bestselling author. I browse her list of previous fiction and I don't recognize anything. Not that I'm an avid reader, but books are constantly being passed back and forth, and I would recognize a book that was a popular read. Anyway, I'm not pleased with this one: Killer dreams because it seems that the main character is going to come out of this ordeal in a positive light. I dislike that in a novel, and that's why I prefer read dark plots.
      Although it is a quick read, there's no substance. Huh, I'm one to talk.
      I have good news. I finally completed Mean Man on my guitar. By that I mean, I've played thru every single riff. It's just a matter of memorizing the coda, getting the melody right, increasing my speed and hitting the right notes. I'm still clumsy with the fret hand as well as the pick hand. Today I practiced two hours. My third finger—you know the one, it's usually used for wedding bands and is also known as a "ring finger"—well, it's soar.
      I'm selling my my laptop. It goes on eBay at 3:00am. See the entry I made about it in the los_angeles community by following this link. Although I expect this week to be absolute hell, something to look forward to is the installation of new computers at work. *sigh*

NOTE to Internet Explorer users

You may find yourself in a query about why there seems to be a blank block of space taking up room in this entry. According to the peak-a-boo IE6 bug, at least how I understand it, if you follow a link and then press the BACK button on your browser, the image should appear. I've been wanting to try this, but I don't have a PC running IE6 when I upload all this illustration garbage. I'm still trying to fix it.
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