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While a state of the art upgrade would be nice, I have to ask myself whether I'm computer material

I had to do a system restore to get my computer out of it's coma. That means it places all my files inside a folder called previous system. what that means for me is I lose my bliki install of vanilla.

Now I have to figure out where I have the installation file and reinstall it, then figure out how to get all my old files back on it. I did remember to back those files!

The thing I like about this vanilla bliki software, which runs on Rebol technology, is that it motivated me to organize my files and attachments to make backing things up a bit more comprehensive. I used it similar to the way I blog on lj except all my entries were localized on the hard drive. Pictures, illustrations, scanned images, etc. everything was where I could easily locate, not scattered in a file folder inside another file folder inside an application documents folder, and so on and so on.

Now that everything is html and/or Internet related, as long as the image files were readable in html and the text files were accessible with html language software, there really was no need to keep pictures and graphics together in a Photoshop folder, or an illustrator folder.

As far as vanilla goes, installation is getting easier and easier each time I do it. Now, I'm considering installing it on the laptop which is running snow leopard. doing that will alleviate the desktop computer for hard core creativity. Since the trend is that with each new operating system, unplugged are old versions of software products in an effort to coax users to upgrade, all my laptop is still going to be good for is web surfing.

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