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Vince's Market v. Subway

Here's an odd number on my odometer (it spells oillllll becuz the only thing I can think about is how many miles it has been since my last oil change). You know how people stand transfixed on the time whenever they see their digital clock display 11:11, well I just returned from my lunch break and, though I usually have the odometer reading displayed on how many miles I've traveled since I last filled the tank, I got back and wanted to check the time to see how long it took me to get to Vince's Market and back.
While toggling the button, I passed the odometer reading and couldn't help noticing this number.

Ok, back to topic.

Considering Subway never has canned soda, it seems to me that the cheapest sandwich is from Vince's. While Subway gives you the option to choose between six inches and footlong, the bread at Vince's is chewyer. I had plans to eat there, even though they have to tables and/or chairs. But I hit traffic standing in line at the deli. By the time I paid and got out of there, I had only five minutes left to get back to the library.

Vince's Market was recommended by pocketofgreen. I had been wanting to try the sandwiches there months ago, but would always put it off considering sandwiches are pretty much what's for dinner after work at my house.

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