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… and I've seen my share of cute nerd types

Ana Garcia
NBC 6:00p news
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Will people begin to think I am obsessed? Nonsense! And how many successful news anchors do you know who's managed to make a career in the public's eye wearing glasses (besides Tina Fey)? The glasses took awhile to get used to mainly because Ana looks better without them, but I've always loved the nerdy type.

      I feel a strange memory. The three major items I brought back with me from Germany in my carry on luggage were:

  1. a cuckoo clock

  2. a beer stein

  3. a ceramic doll

      I wonder what this has to say about my character? I gave the clock to my sister. I gave the doll to my mother. If I remember, the doll was the studious type, red hair, and glasses. And I gave one stein to Dad though we've hardly ever had a drink together. One I had inscribed Enrique, the other Rico. Come to think of it, maybe the cuckoo clock wasn't in my carry-on luggage. I remember the plane trip back was a bit more comfortable than when I departed for Germany. What I couldn't fit in the overhead, I stuffed under my seat. The kind lady sitting left of me in the next isle resembled Sigourney Weaver. She offered me a Wriggley's gum, or I offered her a gum. Can't remember. Her kid was sitting next to me tripping out on how nervous I was to fly. This was `97 but I have a memory like an elephant.
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