Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

I've crashed my computer

I keep telling myself I need a new computer and I practically drool whenever I see the computer ads in the local paper. I don't go thru with it because if I do buy new hardware, I'm going to want new software and that is going to cost a bundle.

Where did all the troubleshooting studies go? I took a course in server essentials, so my dead computer should be no problem for me to fix. It's my opinion what I did to it was try to start it up in classic mode (i.e. Operating system version 9) with little concern for the keyboard I have attached to it. The keyboard, if I remember correctly, required OSX to run. Now, I can't do anything until I connect a compatible keyboard.

I always kept my computer on 24/7, but never use it. Not since I cut off my DSL. I guess I have this fantasy of hosting my own web site and that's why I would keep my computer on all day, even during summer time when everyone is shutting down their home appliances. Now that the computer is in a coma, I kind of feel better about my electric bill situation. I want to run outside w/a flashlight to look at the electric meter to see if the little disc is spinning slower.

The lap top still works, although it won't hold a charge. It really isn't an efficient laptop without that capability. It is the more current device of the two computers I own. I could use a new one of those too. The air book looks attractive because of it's light weight. I imagine if I had the funds right now, I would probably spend 5k on a desktop Mac, and a laptop. Then I would spend another grand on software I probably don't need and would never use, but I don't even know what software runs these days. I might end up paying 3 thousand on new software considering dtp software has become obsolete and everything popular now is web related. I think I'm being conservative in these estimates too. I am going to enjoy not having a computer for awhile.

Most of my contact with the cyber world will most definitely be thru my cell phone's data plan. It's going to be nice finding new ways to use my electricity. I can think of one already. I look forward to someday uploading a vlog of the songs I learn on my electric guitar.

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