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day 33

This feisty critter is going to be an adventure to raise. I only have so much time to handle her and try to get her accustom to a leash. Mildred is her name and she won't have anything to do with it.
I'm concerned about what I'm getting myself into. I already made a few searches on the library database for books on building a larger cage. Petco sells them for about $200. I think if I had the plans to guide me, I can put together a decent cage made of wood. I only wish I could build it the ikea way, so that it can be dismantled just as easily.

I don't know for sure whether Mildred is female yet. Time will tell. I'm hoping that she turns out to be male only because they grow a bigger crest. But when I consider the aggressive nature of the makes during breeding season, I recant that desire and hope that I named her properly. I guess if I do find out Mildred is a dude, I'll switch her name to Emil. That's a nice, though not very herpey, male name. Plus, if pronounced oddly, could be mistaken for emo, and who wants to be called something like that?

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