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Ana Garcia
NBC 6:00p news
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The moment I saw Ana Garcia was occasionally filling in for other regular news anchors on NBC, I never looked back. You should've seen how ecstatic I was to learn that Ms. Garcia is now co-anchoring the 6 o`clock news on a regular basis. Now I have something I can play with in the area of avatars and user icons. Although, I wish I knew how I could connect my computer directly to the TiVo box instead of taking pictures of the screen with my cell phone. Hey, for that matter, I wish I could participate in one of the various fund raisers and/or promotional functions that take place now and then which occasionally contain kissing boothes where the news reporters give autographs. That would be cool. I guess that's something to look forward to if Ana decides she likes it here in L.A. I am surprised I didn't find anything on Google about her when she was working on the east coast.
      So to tell you the truth, I've been very happy these past few weeks. I don't worry myself about what's going on in the world so much as I only concern myself with what happens on the news at 6 o`clock. I still listen to talk radio, but I don't pay too much attention to that because, after all, I only turn it on using the snooze button just before bedtime, and snooze all the way through it in the morning when it goes off at about 5:45a. I had been totally in the dark before someone told me if I had heard about the arrests in the UK involving a ring of terrorists attempting to strike in L.A.
      This picture of Ana Garcia's quite sexy, don't you think? I use to get so bored watching the news, I mentally imagined the more appealing news reporters stripping naked like I have some imagination, huh? It isn't that Ana Garcia doesn't appeal to me that I don't envision her doing a little striptease, it's just I'm too busy gawking at her that I don't have time to let my imagination run wild.
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