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Quantum physics and parabola continuums

I almost forgot I have a portfolio on hsx dot com that I haven't checked. It's always fun trying to figure out which movies are reeling in the big bucks. I'm not very good at researching anything, so when it comes to predicting a blockbuster, I'm all thumbs.

I just finished watching Source code and the ending doesn't make any sense unless you take under consideration that parallel universes exist. The movie is good, don't misunderstand me. It's just that the ending strays from the logic of the eight minute phenomenon which the brain is capable of after death.

It's a grim story. That goes without saying. It's the kind of movie a patriotic person might appreciate, but it seems to be unable to explain a reasonable theory of how the ending happens. That's all well and good because it makes me want to watch the film all over again as if I missed something. I am totally on board with the story technique which makes the audience wonder about things that happened in early scenes, and when I began watching this flick I was determined to identify the first, second and third act. Why? Because that's what I do. Before the second half of act two, however, I was today engulfed in the story.

Security 	Shares 	Held 	Avg. Paid 	Current 	Today's Change 	(%) 	Value 	Net Gain / Loss 	(%) 	
AKIRA 	300 	long 	H$23.21 	H$30.33 	H$0.02 	(-0.07%) 	H$9,099.00 	2,135.00 	(30.66%) 	Trade
DALI 	100 	long 	H$0.08 	H$0.08 	H$0.01 	(14.29%) 	H$8.00 	0.00 	(0.00%) 	Trade
FCAKE 	100 	long 	H$0.02 	H$0.02 	H$0.02 	(-50.00%) 	H$2.00 	0.00 	(0.00%) 	Trade
LGMEN 	200 	long 	H$3.21 	H$3.20 	H$0.05 	(-1.54%) 	H$640.00 	2.00 	(-0.31%) 	Trade
LSALM 	100 	long 	H$8.71 	H$8.70 	H$0.02 	(-0.23%) 	H$870.00 	1.00 	(-0.11%) 	Trade
NAILD 	500 	long 	H$0.29 	H$0.27 	H$0.00 	(0.00%) 	H$135.00 	10.00 	(-6.90%) 	Trade
SHDNC 	500 	long 	H$1.73 	H$1.73 	H$0.01 	(-0.57%) 	H$865.00 	0.00 	(0.00%) 	Trade
TEBDM 	5 	long 	H$0.74 	H$0.74 	H$0.00 	(0.00%) 	H$3.70 	0.00 	(0.00%) 	Trade
WILL 	100 	long 	H$3.82 	H$3.82 	H$0.08 	(-2.05%) 	H$382.00 	0.00 	(0.00%) 	Trade
WSEND 	500 	long 	H$6.36 	H$6.36 	H$0.12 	(1.92%) 	H$3,180.00 	0.00 	(0.00%) 	Trade


4 Positions 15,909 Shares Worth H$67,778.71 H$102,777.54 (-60.26%)
Security 	Shares 	Held 	Avg. Paid 	Current 	Today's Change 	(%) 	Value 	Net Gain / Loss 	(%) 	
MSORV 	14,709 	long 	H$7.25 	H$1.19 	H$0.02 	(1.71%) 	H$17,503.71 	89,136.54 	(-83.59%) 	Trade
QTARA 	1,000 	long 	H$54.62 	H$40.09 	H$1.06 	(-2.58%) 	H$40,090.00 	14,530.00 	(-26.60%) 	Trade
RSCOT 	100 	long 	H$60.30 	H$69.35 	H$0.26 	(-0.37%) 	H$6,935.00 	905.00 	(15.01%) 	Trade
ZDESC 	100 	long 	H$32.66 	H$32.50 	H$0.24 	(-0.73%) 	H$3,250.00 	16.00 	(-0.49%) 	Trade 
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