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I still haven't read the last templar

It took me a good long time to finish reading the street lawyer but I did, and I'm hoping the last templar doesn't end up being so boring. I remember starting this book a while back and setting it down. There is something about the cover design that makes me want to pick this up again and, at least, read up to page 100. I've heard a book should really be read up to page 100 before making a decision to drop it, and I don't think I did that the first time.

I really enjoyed Lincoln lawyer a lot better than street lawyer. What really got me into picking up these old, unwanted paperbacks I brought home from work was not having a TV connection, but now I find myself watching the news with my dinner, and if the news ends before I finish eating, I continue watching TV on channel 11. Big bang theory shows opposite entertainment news segments (Extra and Entertainment) that cover stories about gossip in the Hollywood world as well as music industry bits about pop or rap. Ugh.

Good news is that I think I fixed my stereo tuner. Who knew antenna technology could be so freaking complicated. I'm getting a good signal for KLOS, the classic rock station. For now, that's enough.

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