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How to spell relief?

I just threw my back out. I took a vicodin. My doctor gave me a light weight version of the pill, and what I need is the extra strength dose that makes me drowsy. I should have gone to urgent care to see if I could score on a prescription, but I don't need to develop a dependency on another controlled substance that I might have difficulty weening myself off of down the line. I mean, I don't smoke, I'm not a heavy drinker, I may be addicted to coffee, but I can still say that I can take it or leave it. Pot is a thing of the past, and coke or crack was never an option.

hmn? I wonder if I'm spelling vicodin right. It's not in my spell check dictionary. Probably should be, though, since it's so popular. Too lazy to look it up and add it.

Got some work done behind my fav typewriter. I now know where I'm going with the theme of the film noir I'm writing. It's going to be sick!

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