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My phone is a gameboy

Maybe a month ago, I bought the video game N.O.V.A. For my phone. I kept playing it and playing it until I finally reached a part of the game where I can't figure out how to win. When I say win, I mean killing the bad guys. So, what did I do? I bought another game. This time I got assassin's creed.

The same thing happened. I keep playing it, etc. and now I'm in the sewers level where I can't get out. I'm laying in bed playing this dumb thing for hours until my chest starts feeling funny. Congested, I mean. And I'm wondering, is this cell phone maybe too close to my body?

So I sit up and continue playing with the phone closer to my legs. Maybe if I play another couple hours, I'll start itching our something. This is exactly the reason I don't get play station or x-box. Although it may be healthier because it doesn't get as hot as a cell phone, I'll never be able to stop playing. My hair would fall out from scratching my head so much at trying to understand the cheats. OMG, forget it. I thing I'm gonna just stick to watching videos on my boring Saturday nights.

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