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Day 3

This morning, Mildred seemed okay with her surroundings. Here she is facing north so that the sunlight coming in from the window catches her back. I have to apologize to my readers and Mildred for not cleaning the glass in her terrarium. I’ve just been so busy, but I’ll try to get that done today after work. It’s just too embarrassing. The other exposures I took, with flash, emphesizes the dirty glass even more. Just before leaving for work, I took another peak at her. I had sliced up some banana, who doesn't need podium after fasting on dust bunnies for 26 days, right? apple, cilantro and?.. I think that's it. Oh yes, tomatoes. I took another close up of the meal to see if she's even rolling around in it making a mess. I guess it's a good sign that she turned around from where she had been facing before I inserted her food. She's a feist one. When I would set Oy on my chest, he would just sit there. Maybe it's too soon, but this little lizard tries to get away from me first chance she gets.

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