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Only a female would find a way out of the terrarium. After almost one month of living in the wild, with the run of the house, and most important malnourishment, my green iguana turned up sitting inside my old pioneer stereo system. I had given up the search, concluding that she found her way thru the cracks from the gas heater system into the walls. Tonight will be her first night in the tank.

She isn't as lovely as when I brought her home. In fact, she seems quite sluggish. I hope it isn't too late to resuscitate her back to life. I've seen some reptile documentary TV shows that believe certain types of lizards hibernate. That's the only thing I can guess could possibly be the reason she's still alive. Forget the danger of my cat that has eaten his fair share if alligator lizards out in the yard. When Mildred was lively, there ready isn't ant way possible blind Figaro could possibly have caught her.

To this day I can't see how she got out. Was she smaller 26 days ago? I can see how she muggle jumped up to the cage I have covering the tank, but it still would've been a tight squeeze.

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