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The day after tomorrow

After hooking up the new Blu-Ray, I press the button on remote that says display. The TV returns information about my settings, one of which is 480i. I know my TV is capable of 1080i and would love to know the secret behind hooking the disc player so that I know I'm watching my Blu-Rays at their ultimate potential.

I rented a couple movies. One was the day after tomorrow, because I can't get over the idea that I can't find the news reporter played by Ana Garcia. Usually, when a news reporter has a cameo in a movie, they are credited a playing themself (i.e. The description/name of the character they play is simply described as self). This is a major thing in my life as I sometimes see myself as an investigator of sorts.

I found some old footage of Ana from when she was reporting out of ABC news. I'm sorry, but I cannot see the resemblance to the character who mostly looks like it could be her in Day after. It's one of the first things I thought to do, watch that film in hi-def, because after seeing it on DVD years ago, I passively discarded the issue as a video quality problem.

I did everything I know to hook up the Blu-Ray to the freaking TV, but the display info still indicates my disc is playing in 480. That sucks, is all I can say. As far as She on TV4, I'll believe it when I see it in my full view. She is somebody I knew.

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