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[smiley face] Yes ma'm/sir, how may I help you?

Couple days ago encountered one of those customers from hell, the type that will go great lengths to belittle you. He tried to apply for a replacement library card, as he said he had lost his other card. After I had issued new card, handed it to him with all the spiel about signing the back of it, I told him it would be $3.00

He said 'No' to that and I ended up trying to recuperate his old account #. As I explained it was too late because I didn't know what his old acct # was before I wrote over it, I directed him to speak to a librarian. As he headed for the librarian, I asked him to please take his new (replacement) card. He refused it once again, and, when he spoke to my boss, he told the librarian in charge that I had snatched the card away from him, and/but he was willing to pay the replacement fee.

I recognized this patron from a previous occasion. Although he emits a vibe that says to me "death to all clerks, you in particular", I managed to successfully fulfill his need for library materials. In fact, I believe he inquired about replacement library cards back then and upon hearing that they cost $3, commented that he would look for the card a bit longer.

I got lectured by my boss about it as the librarian the hellion spoke to wasn't the actual manager, but simply 'in-charge'. The incident occurred two days ago. I was off yesterday, but I thought the manager would've either encountered a personal complaint or at least a phone call from Mr. Demoniacal.

Yes, if there is such a thing as crossing paths with an individual who doesn't want anything to do with you, either because of the way you look, sound, breathe, this was it

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