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So it's the next morning...

I feel, not hung over, but still buzzing a bit from the absinth spritzers I had last night. Two of 'em. Wow! What a high.

I tried to post last night. On my way home, walking, as I only live a couple blocks from where I went, an accident occurred between a taxi and a beamer. I don't know who was at fault as I was busy taking to people hanging out at a popular corner in town. I say popular because there's a smoke shop there where pot enthusiasts can buy their pipes and what not.

So I'm pretty much shit faced and shit, telling everyone how I feel whenever I pass this particular intersection, how I half expect to be approached by somebody selling weed. I'm not a smoker, so it doesn't come very readily.

And as we're chatting, boom! Taxi meets BMW. I wanted to take pictures, but lighting sucked. Now, 8am, I'm concerned about heading out to the rendezvous 35 miles away. I'm fine. I only had a couple. Everything else I drank was beer, maybe 4 tops. It's been a good ten hours of sobriety, so I know I'm not tripping anymore. It's just, jeez, what an experience. I didn't like it. Whatever happened to ordering good food with a couple beers and just hanging out? I met the DJ. Sorry, I forgot his name. I told him, WTF? How about some Slayer, and he said "if you can find the vinyl, bring it on". That was cool. I'll be looking for vinyl at aomeba when I get a chance (I can never remember how to spell that. ) aomeba.

So anyways, what a night.


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