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hello I can talk

I've got this new phone and it is that I want to type my entries to live journal more using the voice command recognition software that this phone comes with and I haven't been able to bring myself to think fast enough to say the words that I want the phone to automatic types for me. and it seems like a lot of run on sentences. I haven't used it very much but it seems that when I select to record my voice to voice recognition software I have do it 1 sentence at a time. if I called too long with in a sentence the voice recognition software just stops recording my voice and transfers everything on to the screen test text then I have to activate voice recognition can't continue speaking to finish the sentence and there is no way for me to say 2 different sentences back to back.

so this was the practical e un edited and trees that I made by speaking into my phone's microphone. entry reminds me of spam.

I am proofreading my sentences. I don't know what's faster using the swype software to type my entries or speaking into the phone. haha I kinda like this. I would feel weird talking into my phone however for my entries. I mean out in public and all. 1 thing is certain, my train of thought changes when I think with my finger as opposed to it With my mouth.

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