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There is a book that is probably beyond controversial

When I was cutting class in the 80's, the book I managed to get my hands on was a library copy of Wifey by Judy Blume. Later in life when I found a stable and secure job at a library, I noticed that Judy Blume writes childrens' books. WTF, right? Wifey , if I remember, had loads of hot steamy sex scenes in it. Now, I don't know how that book may have compared with The tropic of cancer by Henry Miller, because I haven't read that one yet. I did see the movie Henry and June, however, and I guess I can see how Tropic might've been a banned book at the time of its publishing.

A few weeks ago, I read Charlotte Roche's Wetlands and it blew me away. I couldn't even bring myself to write this review. How? Even now, the only reason I'm blogging this is to link a few YouTube videos of excerpts from the book read by an actress.*

You may already be familiar with YouTube policy about pornography. It is NOT allowed. Well, some of the topics of these videos I'm including are:
shaving, avocado pits, hygiene, lazy hooker, pain, periods, anal sex, ass shaving, brothel, periods, and hemorrhoids. My opinion is this book is not porn (if it manages to get people away from the TV long enough to hold a book in their hand). As far as YouTube's perspective, they weren't readily available for commenting, but if you manage to view the videos without a hitch, then they too might consider the book more as a literary work than smut.

It wasn't too long ago that I read The girl with the dragon tattoo here at the library where I work. It wasn't too busy, and the boss wasn't too stringent on the rules about employees reading books during down time. A teen walks up to the counter to check out her books when she notices the book I'm reading and she exclaims that she saw this book on her reading list (a YA reading list). I was shocked at that because all the sex scenes in the book, and now that the movie is soon to be realease (again), I'm curiously following imdb dot com to check whether it will be rated R or PG13.

As far as Wetlands goes, I can see how a film version can be seen as being porn, but I'm sure if the mainstream gets their hands on it, they will find a way to edit it so that it barely passes muster with the MPAA as rate NC17. I don't recommend this book for people under age. In fact, I think a person should be a ripe old age before digging into stuff like this.

* art or porn, you decide

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