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      I can see people laughing at me becuz of the silly doodles I spend hours on… keeps ME sane, though. I don't know how everybody esle manages. Perhaps a little booze, some THB might help explore my creative side. I meant THC—talk about being a Paul Pope fan…
      I can't really explain what the hell I draw. If it makes no sense, it's because I add a little personal stuff to spice it up. Yesterday I saw the film Wag the dog for the first time. I had rented it at Blogbuster years ago, and after getting home, realized I had the Spanish VHS version. Those SOBs didn't even offer to refund, credit me, etc. Blogbuster sux.
      Also, I watched Royal Tannenbaums from start to finish. I didn't like it when FX overdubs "fuck" and adds their promotional programs on the lower right hand corner. FX sux. Just hours ago I watched Mr and Mrs Smith. I thought it was OK, but I liked American Pie: Band Camp much more. I don't think I ever saw part one, and if I did I must've forgotten how good it was. The special features on this DVD is interesting. I liked best the interviews of the crews opinion on certain slang terms that I've never heard of myself.
      I finally changed the butcher paper on my drafting table. There's a CD inventory project taking place where I work. I'll be getting a heachache from it first thing Monday. Last week seemed like it was going to be my week to regret showing up. You know how sometimes there is nothing anyone can do about how the way the ether flows. Well, between me and my co-worker, it seemed the customer's wanted blood.
      Oh yes, in Wag the dog, I had to play back the Suzie Plakson scenes. She's tall! Her first scene has her smiling while laughing at a joke her boss, Stanley, convincingly tells her as they switch mobile phones. Plakson really strikes the pose as she hands Dustin Hoffman the phone. She could be pointing a gun at someone. I ran that frame by frame, studying her face and imagining how impossible it would be for a model to hold that pose. I'm talking about just her face because I had heard she had her lips widened. But there is smiling and there is laughter smiling. Those are two different kinds of expressions and I don't think even a super model, unless she's seriously disturbed enough to laugh at her own jokes inside her head, can hold a laughter smile for ten minutes without flinching.
      I'm not sleepy. I don't know why this entry is giving me trouble. I should just delete it and start again from scratch instead of trying to figure out what the problem is. The nerdy nerd in me fixed a radio/clock alarm. It had a short and I taped it up so now the buttons work for snoozing, turning it on, turning it off, etc. I probably messed up the tape recording feature, and the knob for changing stations needs to be glued back on, but I'm thinking of fixing that without glue with a wooden cylinder.

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