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Here is the dilemma. When I began learning html, I set small insignificant goals for myself. As I became more and more familiar with html/css code, the objectives too became more significant. One of the things I've tried to accomplish in the world of web design is to duplicate the impression that a typewritten page produced by a manual typewriter emulates.

With all it's imperfections, I tried to format my entry pages the way they look in the post dated November 6. The closest I have come to accomplishing this can be seen in the previous post to this one. There are a number of ways to achieve this task, but scanning the original copy and uploading them into my blog is too time consuming, not to mention the size of memory each scanned object takes up. Another technique would be embedding the font face closest to a manual typewriter. And that does NOT mean using "courier". No, a while back I paid for a font called Chandler, but I can't share it with my blog readers unless they actually have it installed on the computer they are using to read my blog entries.

That's where embedding comes in, but unfortunately livejournal doesn't seem to support this method. So, frankly, I'm screwed. I'm not about to scan all of my lj entries until I run out of memory because by then I will have formed a habit worth paying extra hosting space for, and the whole idea is facilitation. Not let's-pay-more-money-to-quell-my-habit.

Thanks to a friend of mine from work, I discovered there is a market for people stuck in the limbo of computer/typewriter. Keyboards from real manual typewriters, vintage machines, have been refurbished to hook up to your PC via a USB connection. I think googling: usb typewriter might reveal the hot new trend in computer keyboards.

What of the hard copy? The beauty of manual typewriters, aside from not having to rely on electricity, is in the hard copy. The hard copy has texture to it, like Braille. The ink smudges less easily when exposed to water, and the words... WYSIWYG is the best way to describe the text.

In my effort to learn screenwriting, one of the important factors about using a fixed width font, otherwise known as monospaced fonts, is for the film producers to have an general idea of how long any given script will be in length to time. One page of script is roughly the equivalent of one minute of film. Anybody who is more serious about making it in Hollywood as a writer than myself would say you can accomplish the same thing with a computer set to print in Courier fonts. And of course they're correct. My problem is better diagnosed as ADD, because while I'm busily learning to format my pages on Microsoft word, the tiniest glitch our malfunction takes me on a quest to fix the problem indefinitely. That may mean debugging software, but my lack of attention span could care less, reasoning I was probably entering one of my writers' block phases anyway.

I posted a few inquiries to dedicated livejournal technical troubleshooting sites webdesign and lj_style about the embedding idea, but I think I already discovered that due to security issues, it isn't an option. Sorry to have bothered you, lj techies. I'll find my niche in life sooner or later. Thank you for responding, sophia8, iptv_tech, alobar, dandelion, with your suggestions and links.1 I've noted them and am certain they'll come in handy one day.

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Due to technical difficulties (really cutbacks and the way I've been reduced to blogging from my phone) I've had to delete the entry this post references.

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