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I was in Altadena buying firewood. On the way home, I thought I would GPS a location for petco. I found one on Los Robles.

I saw they had green iguanas for $30, do I took one home. (I know a bargain when I see one. In fact the petco clerk in charge of reptiles seemed reluctant to LSAT me have it when the check out clerk announced on the PA "ASSISTANCE IN IGUANA DEPT"

When Maria finally attended to my need, with a but of coaxing, she was negative about the idea of owning an iguana. They are difficult to care for, the grasp with large claws etc. I got the iguana home, placed her I'm the 35 gallon tank, and went to the movies to kind of give her time to get use to her new environment (a larger tank than what petcock had her in). When I got home she was gone! How the fuck did she get out!!!


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