Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

Put me in coach

      In Entertainment Weekly (August 4 issue) an article appears on pitching ideas for a screenplay. Check page 37.
In it Robert Kosberg plugs his website for wannabe writers eager to pitch their idea for assistance in getting feedback from the experts.
      The last page of the article by Chris Nashawaty is where you'll find the URL for moviepitch. Check out the crazy typesetting design this article takes with the square bubbles containing title, dropcaps, credits, etc. CHAOS. Gives you an idea of what you screenwriters are getting yourselves into when you read this. Just look at the dropcap that starts off the whole article, "Y". Why?! Then, second page has K as in "okay…" and finally a B which could be my fav letter. Also, the ad for Sunsilk looks happy.

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