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There's too many complainers in the world, and I'm not rich

You know how movies usually begin with a slew of trailers to upcoming films? Well, in my book, those things are like commercials. So when I'm running a little late for the start of a movie I'm planning to go see, I tell myself it's okay. I've got at least a fifteen minute leeway before the actual film starts.

Right? I'm sure I'm not the only one who tries to get to a movie house a little bit after the curtain rises. As a matter of fact, I was ready to walk in to the theater even after it may have started to play the movie I was interested in, convinced that five minutes couldn't possibly contain so much information to the story plot that I would find myself completely lost.

I went to the Pasadena playhouse to see Take shelter because that Michael Shannon really knows how to play a nut. As far as what I've already seen in teasers for this film, his character may be that of a schizophrenic.

As I pay for my ticket, I see that only ten minutes may have transpired, which means I still have five minutes of trailers to sit thru. Relieved that I made it on time, I let myself relax. Hand the ticket to the ticket taker, and let her direct me to the screening room--down the hall and to the left.

Well, OMFG, this film being one of those currently on limited release, I assumed it was only showing on one screen. When I checked the calendar section this morning for run times, I didn't think I would have to use math to calculate what the times of showings were in contrast to the length of the film. If I had, I would have known that a showing of 1:40 preceding a showing of 2:20 should make the length of the movie only 45 minutes.

I walk down the hall and turn left, as hurried as I already was since the sales clerk advised me that the movie had already begun 5 minutes ago. What?… is my watch off? Please, are you taking about the movie or the commercials?

It's pitch black inside the screen room. Right away I think something is off. It takes a good five minutes for my eyes to acclimate. Finally I sit. While I was waiting for my eyes to work, I wasn't sure if I had walked into the wrong theater. She did say down the hall and to my left. God forbid these monopolizing freaks might be squandering a hit by showing the film in several screening rooms even though the damn movie is currently only on limited release.

Nonsense, the economy isn't that bad.

Once I'm comfortably sitting on my ass, I can focus on what I've already missed. Fuckers. These artsy fartsy film makers are getting out of hand. They really jumped into the plot after only 5 minutes. Oh fuck fooey, I must be in the wrong fucking freaking screen room. Do I get up, after all that trouble I had acclimating my eyes? What if I only find out that I'm being paranoid? Oh shit, isn't this movie supposed to be about a head case? Better stay put.

After 45 minutes the movie ends. What a crock. If ever a movie was spoiled by somebody trying to explain the plot to you, this right here wins the effing prize.

I could complain to management for my money back, but they would probably say I would only be allowed to sit thru a second showing. Why the hell would anybody settle for that after they already know the ending? Shiite, I came here to relax, not to spark an argument with a theatre manager.

All I can do is scram out of there completely spooked at what capitalism has come to represent to me. Jesus fucking freaking ay.

I go to my fav watering hole. There I see Rachel whom I bear this load to. Did I spell that right? I bared this load to Rachel, and she agreed. "that's fucked bunk up!" She says. The flat screens are all tuned to either football or baseball. Like I care, I'm only glad I managed to drop in on Rachel. I usually stop in when Cenia is bartending out of sheer luck, I guess. I like Rachel, though. She reminds me of someone. I could totally get it on with her in one of those sleazy scenarios that take place in dive bars like that.

I must still be feeling rather special at the success of my first published entry with technorati. It got approved this morning and my head has been in the clouds. I scrambled over to the computer to cross post it here on lj. Writing really sucks, you know that? I have a heart attack when my cell phone doesn't recognize the words I'm trying to type, but editors are even worse morons. At least I can proof read my cell phone entries and force it to learn my favorite words. An editor just says "don't fucking fudging curse on the article. Sending back for revision. If you don't replace the harsh language, fuck fudge off." What a world.
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