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I guess I didn't win those tix, huh?

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      I feel kinda gloomy. I've got a roll of film with about five or six snapshots exposed in the camera, but I don't know what else to take pictures of AND I need at least 28 more exposures. Last week somebody lost their cell at work, so as I was leaving, the concerned young lady asked if anybody had turned one in to lost & found.
      My boss, after exclaiming earlier to her that I don't get enough sleep from the heat as an excuse for looking bummed out, says to the young attractive lady to wait outside while she goes back in to look for the cell phone… and meanwhile, for her to give me her cell number so that I can call it and make the phone ring, facilitating my boss` task of locating it. Nothing turned up. The following day I was off, so I don't know if the gal found her phone or not, but I just realized, even if she didn't, my number can be seen as a "missed call" for whomever get's their hands on it. While her and I waited outside, I was saying how convenient to have obtained her number so that I might call her out to dinner and stuff. I got a quick photo of her on my cell but it's blurred from movement. I must've been nervous and jittery.
      Friday was something. A boy of about 17 to 20 asks if I could break a $5. I ask what purpose is this request being made for, because I have to inform everyone that the copiers and printers accept five dollar bills. Since the only other reason I could break a five would be if somebody needs to use the phone, I said no to his need of bus fare. BUT what gave me pleasure in saying no was the manner in which he rolled his eyes when I asked what he needed change for, as if it was either obvious or an intrusion of his privacy. Anyway, he got all bothered by it and I think I heard him say "fuck you" to me. I'm not certain because he had already turned away and began to leave. It helps to be able to see lip movement because "thank you" and "fuck you" are two different linguistic patterns that a person's mouth must make to say the damn thing.
      Cute kid, a little on the delicate/fem side, but cute all the same.
      I'm writing to my fav news reporter. It isn't as easy as just saying "hello. number 1 fan here. blah blah blah." I don't expect a reply, of course. I learned that she was in a movie playing herself. I go out and get myself a copy of it and just finished watching it. Where is she? My first letter to her was kinda lame and I didn't proof read accurately enough to catch a mistake in referencing the network she works for when I said I watch the 6:00 news religiously now. In the movie, however, the only reporter close to being her has a microphone with the number 4 on it and the CBS 'eye' symbol. I guess if somebody is reporting from Texas, Arizona or some other border state (alabama?), the network for CBS could be channel four; but I doubt if the logo for NBC is a CBS 'eye' symbol. Anyway, I didn't think this was the same person. I did see extras in the film that look like Ana Garcia though.
      So that's why I'm feeling gloomy. To top it all off, I work tomorrow. Not only that, but since Jake Gyllenhaal is in the film, I'm going to borrow Brokeback Mountain, Requium..

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