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A vlog demonstrating how to make lentil soup à la Meytal

Meytal Cohen cooks up lentil soup to demonstrate on her vlog that she can cook. See her double tasking as she uses multiple cameras to record her cooking demo. I'm one of those people who believes that nobody can cook lentil soup the way my mom cooks it, because quite frankly, she adds baby back ribs to her recipe. But given the choice, I think I would rather have Meytal's talented soup.

Meytal is the talented drummer who vlogs herself playing along her favorite metal songs, a girl after my own heart. She is from Israel originally and came to Los Angeles to study music. She went back to her homeland for a period and later returned to California. She would be the perfect subject to interview for my new scrive account with technorati.

I don't consider myself a full fledged journalist, and because I've never taken a writing class, I wouldn't know where to begin to start questioning her. In fact, because news writing would take a lot of dedication, I despise myself for trying, but many novelists started writing for newspapers before moving on to fiction. So if that is what I must do, then I will patiently focus everything I've got so that I don't do something silly like pay hundreds of dollars to listen to a lecture on writing, or registering for a class I'm not ready to take.
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