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a tree dies in Brooklyn

I have not found the motive to blog a review of the movie Sucker punch . I had to watch it twice, but that might be because I don't have a TV signal to watch anything on network broadcasting. The effects are wonderful in this film. Entire music tracks are played, it seems, during sequences that pretty much play as music videos. The movie is about a girl who is committed to a mental hospital by her father who discovers that his recently deceased wife has left all her valuable possessions to her two daughters, both of whom happen to be the stepdaughters of her husband. Anyway, this one daughter suffers her own loss. That is why she attempts to kill her stepfather. She doesn't go thru with it, leaving her caretaker with the upper hand. What is not too clear is that this girl is still a minor, but the stepfather gets away with filling out the forms required by the mental hospital to read a if she was an adult. The whole thing is quite corrupt and the story takes you on a fantasy that may in fact be the result of hallucinogenic medication she is receiving. In the end, the pieces seem to fall into place when a sexually offensive rape with an incoherent girl is suggested. You know, the way a soap opera suggests that two people cohabitating? They're displa together in a romantic dinner, then cut to the next morning showing them casually eating breakfast together. Anyway, the movie is fantastic and I still have one of the songs playing in my head. I don't know which song it is, but if you are within earshot, you might hear me whistling it under my breath.
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