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Every monring, for the past couple of weeks, I`ve been saying to myself "No coffee". I`m usually good with two cups of joe every morning, but I`ve been trying to postpone my java fill until the evening. Kind of like a topper offer after dinner. Whenever I do that, I feel guilt about being such a caffeine head. That`s the purpose no cup-o-joe in the morning would serve.

Then again, a smart move would be using the filtered water from the office to make my morning coffee. Something like that would eliminate the need for me to carry two 2–1⁄2-bottles of water home from the market so often. Plus, working and drinking is less stressful. However, I come up with the most strategically effective techniques for getting around the boss` surveillance when I`m surfing/writing my screenplay simultaneously. Wondering if having a cup of java in my hand would hinder that skill. Ohhh, I remember why I don`t do this more often. There`s never half and half, or real milk, available. Before I attempt this kind of sneakiness, I have to stop by the market.

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