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cartoon dog with high IQ

I can't come up with the multi panel cartoon I have been promising myself I would create. Instead I've been stuck trying to think of a name for this cartoon dog I remember watching from my youth.

Here's a rude awakening if I've ever heard one before, think you might have ADD, but your too in denial to admit it? Simply think of something from your childhood that you can't place. If this something happens to be a solid object that you know somebody somewhere in cyber space would have the answer to, do a little research for it online.

I can only search for something for a few minutes before I lose interest if I don't find it right away. This insignificant dog I remember watching as a child doesn't seem to have a space on the Internet. This is so wrong. He should have his own walk-of-fame star.

Maybe I didn't find anything on him because my only access to the www is thru my cell phone. If I wait to use the computers at work, I won't remember to research it. I've been wanting to pull up old newspaper articles about the Hell's Angels infiltration by the AFC, but between getting my work done and trying to cope with keeping a pleasant disposition for the customers, I'm too busy watching YouTube videos of Lux drummerette, and Meytal.


Mar. 25, 2013
The dogs name is Peabody

Tags: boob tube, calligraphy, illustration, nndb

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