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Bier de Stone

Fast food at the local Chinese food restaurant

I only get a half hour for lunch, so wherever I go, it's gotta be fast service and something I can wolf down in minutes. I stopped by a Chinese food joint, even though I banned them awhile back for accepting only debit cards but not credit cards for payment. Today I had cash, so that didn't matter. It's been awhile since I've had Chinese and felt it would go down well.

I'm sitting eating my combo of rice, noodles, and orange chicken--the place is absolutely empty--when another customer walks in to place an order. I give a quick glance and see that her butt is stained with what looks like a turd she was unaware that she sat on earlier because it's all crusty and dried. Mind you, I'm eating. No later does a fly make its way into the joint, almost poetically, as if it had been lingering behind the woman's ass all this time. I'm thinking omg, that fly's no doubt been eating off the shit on that woman's ass and now it wants to land on my food.

And my fortune fucking cookie said I would be having a good day... receiving good news, some shit like that. Effen gross.

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