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Concept for a multi-panel editorial cartoon

I've never been able to get out of my head Kiriko's question about trees in the movie Ninja assassin. Something about trees having hearts. She said everything has a heart, and I've been pondering and wondering, if I were a tree, where would I keep my heart?

At first I tried to compare humans with trees. When a man dies, his soul ascends upward to the heavens. Because evolution dictates that man originated from fish-like creatures, I also take under consideration the progressiveness of salamanders in that they start off as creatures able to breathe in water, but later become land animals who can breathe air. The transition emulates dying and ascending. So wherever we may think we go in the afterlife, we'll be able to breath in space.

A tree, I imagine, lives in the ground, and it is a misconception that trees live above ground. After all, isn't plant life just as old as micro-organisms? If a fish can sustain life in water, trees sustain life in earth. This part may seem far fetched, but us fortunate beings with eyes can see the soul of a tree protrude the ground where it lives. There I've said it. Now everyone can try to have me committed.

Here's the cartoon idea. It is a way of berating technology, I guess. The way technology seems to govern our lives, soon we will cease to be able to cope, for instance, without a cell phone.

The antennas that replace trees are secret science projects that are truly replenishing the air with oxygen. How so? Our lifestyle is so dependent on computers, cell phones, etc. that the moment these items are taken away, one almost feels suicidal. I felt that way just walking home in a drunken stupor remembering having been concerned about getting mugged. I was so shit faced, I didn't even care. "let'm try. I'll fight them off to my last breath" I remember thinking.

The concept is, antenna trees sustain life.

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