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Today was independence day for Mexico. It seems to be the day Mom and Dad got married too. That explains the reason Mom always used to say she had two birthdays, since Dad would always bring home gifts and cake on the 15th.

I put some fish on the Barbie. It's a basic marinade recipe that consists of onions, olive oil, lemon/lime juice, garlic, etc. One item I rarely use is bay leaves. I used up a all my bay leaves today, but not to worry, according to Mom, a Laurel tree is considered a bay leaf. Mom always pronounces it in Spanish, so I have to assume that bay leaf in Spanish is Laurel. I mean they do look the same.

There is a tree growing in the yard. It's rather small. The weeds, it seems, have been preventing it from getting any bigger than four feet; so I took some time to excavate, turn the soil, and pull some weeds. A bush next to this herb happens to be something I'm allergic to as I break into a rash. The Spanish for it is something like ruda . I don't know it's translation, other than to refer to it a poisonous ivy. I'm beginning to feel the rash develop on my left hand now. Little bumps, like goose bumps, in the area that itches.

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