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Bier de Stone

Voicing my thoughts into a livejournal entry. like being an executive with my iwn secretary.

okay so here I am making a blog entry from the a new cellphone. I've already experimented with using the keypad; you know the virtual keypad, um, as well as Swype. It's pretty, om, self explanatory. Now, what I'm using is the microphone which allows me to speak my entries.

oh yeaaah, baby, this is wonderful.

I went through all the trouble of looking up youtube videos on how to hook up my htc evil android phone to a Mac using Bluetooth connection. That way I could type my entries on to my laptop, keep a backup copy in the hard drive, and then merge that into the cell phone which has internet access which I would use, in turn, to upload into livejournal.

I've always been a shy person and I don't like my own voice basically cuz im not used to hearing it. um, I guess when I speak to other people, I'm not really listening to myself, which gets me into a lot of trouble, but I'm reading the reactions on the person whom I'm talking to's face .
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