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12th September, 2011 © blanket sin – "IMAG0051"

At the start of each month, I have this big botter size calendar that contains also a small version of the preceding and succeeding month above the current month. I use that to tape onto the counter at work where we interface with the public. I don't really use this calendar for anything else.

So after I clipped out the month of September on this page, it became useless to me. Even though we're in the habit of recycling used sheets of paper to cut down to p-slip size, this calendar is so awkwardly shaped (I think it's 17x14"), that I would have to cut it down to 8x11" before I used it to cut out more p-slips.

As you can see by the doodling, I left it on the counter top instead of throwing it out. I won't go into each scribble mark other than to say that I used red and blue ink only. If you see black, it is because I took a yellow hi-liter and combined blue, red and yellow (primary colors which, when combined, create black). I wanted to use the boxed borders to draw cartoons, but it gets too busy at the library to worry about that kind of stuff. I just love wasting tax-payer ink.

If you shrink this picture, it kinda looks like the Sunday funnies.

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