Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

Yard work

I'm trimming the holly tree. This tree is is my favorite plant, right next to my ferns, which the landlord use to trim in the shape of a poodle. That may have saved me a lot of sweat because that type of pruning simply involves taking the shears to the foliage. I went one step further and pruned her with pruning tongs. I'm probably doing it wrong and it's probably not the right time of month to be pruning, but since the whether has cooled down a bit, I thought it smart to take advantage of it.

I think I'll take a picture of my Hollywood tree with my 3 D camera. Tell you what, I'll take a picture of two different trees. One tree is trimmed by the landlord, the other one I did. If you know your trees, then you'll recognize the holly as the tree I worked on, if not, the first tree you see that reminds you of a poodle is not the one I toiled over today.

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