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so much time has passed typing this up, I can't remember what a good title would be for the subject

I began collecting pictures on my ipod touch when I discovered twitterdom @ananbcla. At first, It was challenging trying to make sense of tweeting. Understanding the relevancy of @ symbols, pound signs, sentences built in less than 140 characters and utilizing outrageous abbreviations to stay within a tweet, and compositing tweets in order so that tweeters, who chaotically continue their unfinished sentences in succession of sequential entries, tweets are read in order. It was all worth it when I began to find links to pictures.

Don't misunderstand. I pondered the idea of unsubscribing at one point, when the ringer on my phone would interrupt me while I was trying to read a tweet that had already buzzed me previously. And the phone would beep, and buzz, and vibrate. It got so that I already knew what it was that the IM message I was getting was about.

I stayed with it because, when I first signed up for a twitter account, I added total strangers to follow. One guy whom I still follow tweets more than @ananbcla and her fans put together. Fortunately, I don't get reminder messages from my phone for those tweets. With a little dedication and focus, tweets can be used to tweet links of websites interesting enough to bookmark, set those tweets to merge with my livejournal blog, and then edit the blog entry so that it has a dedicated subject title, interesting format, longer sentences, spelled out words, etc.

It's the nerd in me that makes me realize that my boring life is not interesting enough to keep tabs on throughout the day. As the ongoing media wars limit the way Yahoo cohabits with Google, and iDigg behaves with facebook, or' lack of compatibility with independent blogs, I am going to make the best of the current status of the social network.

There are setbacks to this type of practice. The Times recently had an article about manual typewriters in India. This is something I would've bookmarked, but off the top of my head, I can't remember which site I used. Most of the widgets made available for sharing purposes, that I've seen, have been for Facebook, Twitter, and blogger. Using for bookmarking purposes limits the use of a client side widget (i.e. a button on the tool bar of your browser that access your account locally).

Once in awhile I'll meet somebody who is totally in the dark about the Internet. I mean, they might not even have a computer. This is the perspective that a large portion of India feels as they don't rely on the power of electricity to power their office machines. If I could abandon my laptop, it would be a good thing. Although my fingers would work harder to press a key stroke, and in so doing tire faster, at least my wrists wouldn't slowly cook as they rest on my keyboard while I type. And as far as cell phones are concerned, I wouldn't be caught dead typing up an entry of this length using swype technology, voice recognition, and whatever else is yet to be developed. I would rather type my blog entries on a manual typewriter, fixate a picture that I print a hard copy of, and use a stapler to attach it to my page as I scan the finished entry into my computer and upload as a JPEG file.

I'm blocked anyway, so using the manual typewriter by this means wouldn't be so vein as if to say that I would be wasting ink ribbon for childish blog updates. The HTC EVO does indeed save pictures that I get from the Internet, but it does so in a crude fashion since backing up such files in the event of a crash is more delicate than, for instance, connecting an iPhone to my computer. Sure, there's flickr, photobucket, etc. but I never trust free online social network services for saving photos. The speed of 4G technology is a fare consolation for not having this luxury of building scrapbooks, but it makes blog updates a nuisance. While it's nice to be able to upload photos quickly and easily, the day one of these free hosting sites files for bankruptcy, users everywhere will find themselves losing thousands of pictures unless they can maneuver a massive download in the gigabytes size to back up their previously uploaded pictures onto their computer. It may sound far fetched to say such big Internet services could completely disintegrate, but Yahoo did away with their geocities sites, AOL did away with their hometown sites, att did away with their PWP "home" sites; so it would seem that while these major Internet services stay in business, they shaft their customers big time. These services AOL, att and Yahoo provided their customers were all free, like photobucket, flickr, youtube.

I couldn't resist placing these two pictures side by side. The blurred photo was taken from a camera phone with low resolution lens. The other picture was also probably shot with a cell phone, but by the resolution, I would say the lens was bigger. I really don't know my phone lenses, although I recall reading about the different resolutions on the various phones in the market today. The one I had, before the HTC, was a 2. Now I have an 8. iPhone might come out with an 8 in their yet to be released iPhone 5, but speculators think they'll settle for a 5. Whether or not these numbers apply to pixels, millimeters, or lens size, I honestly do not know.

Since I've had the new smart phone, I've learned how to create Pandora radio stations, upload videos and pictures to Qik, photobucket, flickr, and youtube. I've changed a few passwords as a result of troubleshooting logging into my twitter account using HootSuite. I'm sure I've changed other passwords as a result of the HTC EVO having a mind of it's own trying to link my contacts from yahoo to google, from hotmail to aol, from excite to lycos, etc. I'm getting used to the bulky size of my EVO 3d, what with a protective case, and the earphones wrapped around that, not to mention the extra half inch screen. However, when I pick up my old iPod Touch, my hand cradles it so securely that it would never, ever need a protective case. Whereas learning the new technology of Android stirs my stomach like an oyster might turn over a grain of sand, in that I can feel the crystals forming in my kidneys, the iPod settles my gut back down. It's as if whatever kidney stones my doctor might claim is causing discomfort becomes a pearl.

I can't synch to my home network with the EVO either. My computer friend at work thinks it could be due to a port that my server is blocking with a firewall (or something). This sounds about right. I should google this to find out how to solve the port problem, but with somebody as computer illiterate as myself, it would take the entire day. I still haven't done the once over cleaning in my house.

It's going to be a real drag coming home from work without a TV signal to eat my dinner in front of. I already checked to see if my Netflix account is still active (I used the new HTC EVO that I promised myself I wouldn't hunch over so much like the people I see from time to time walking in the street). It is. I wonder how long it takes for a TV series to be released on DVD. I had heard something about that in the news awhile back. It was some report about regulations limiting DVD releases of movies to something like 45 days after its premier in theaters. Would a TV series be released 45 days after the season finale episode? That always seems to come and go so quickly when you're hooked on a TV show. It's going to seem like forever now that I don't have a TV to tune into every week. Odd, isn't it? Time flies when your having fun (watching TV). I'll be eating my dinners after work while listening to the radio now. I like Michael Shapee and Maggie McCay on KFWB. They have chemistry.
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