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Bier de Stone

a tour of the bedroom

this is Figaro. I've had him since about the time I started working for the library. That makes him about 12 or 13.

Movie in a circular motion, counter clockwise, we come to the opposite side of the room where my prehistoric computer sits. You know, if I were able to get a TV signal on that thing, I would eat in bed all the time.

Here we come to the closet, the messiest part of the room. The chair is an added embellishment, as this corner of the room was always littered with junk on the floor. I spared you the junk and aligned the camera above ask the clutter.

Finally, we come to the door to my bedroom. As you can see, I still have to sort out my laundry. Usually this basket remains sitting there in the middle of the floor until I need it to collect the next batch of laundry, the following week.

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