Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

Teaching junk is hazardous without lunch

Recently the library came out with this cool new feature to download songs. It's called Freegalmusic dot com, but you want to access that sight thru the library's home page so that you can download your songs for free with just your library account number.

Anyway, it's rather challenging to download entire albums since you must download it 3 songs at a time per week. I use a memory stick Wichita I them transfer to my computer at home since I don't have Internet access at home anymore. I was showing co-worker how it's done.

Problems arose. Horrible, terrible problems that, if one should decide to investigate them, never should they attempt this on an empty stomach. Either that, or simply have whomever is taking notes stop and scoot while expert takes the helm. I'm not saying I'm a computer wizard, but I have already successfully downloaded three CDs since this freegal feature began.

I've got Reign in blood, by Slayer, God hates us all, by Slayer and I'm working on Undisputed attitude, by... I started listening to God hates us all today. I don't know why I waited to start building my Slayer collection of CDs. These songs are awesome badass.

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