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Cable TV too hypnotic. Time for a change.

Today I called customer service at Direct TV. I told them to cancel my service.

Of course, they tried to squirm their way back into my heart, but I just can't stand it when they weasel their way into getting their ads thru to their customers. I have TiVo and I love it when I can fast forward past commercials. However, when I'm channel surfing, Direct TV has found away to plug pay per view channels so that customers can purchase a new movie.

While I'm sure that's working nicely for them, it sucks for me because when I do see a movie I never got around to watching in a theater, I want to watch it on my TV. For $5+, it's a bargain. But guess what. My remote can't request items to purchase because my TV isn't connected to a telephone LAN line.

The customer service rep on the phone tried to convince me that I can call my request to watch a movie by phone or I can specify which movie I want online. The jokes on them. I don't have a LAN line anymore. I cancelled it when my ISP at&t dumped me, and I've never seen the need to find another Internet Service since they ultimately hold the right to stick it up our ass when they can't meet the demand and have to go for broke. Long story short, my billing cycle ends on September 5, so that's when Direct TV plans to unplug me.

Gawd, I already cancelled my Internet service (or they cancelled me). One thing is certain, I'm finally gonna have a lot of spare time on my hands. I text msg comments to twitter over weekend because it's my only connection to the web when I'm not at work. I have my tweets linked to eventually appear on my lj, but thus far I don't see that they've posted. I'm curious how long that process takes.

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