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Sweet revenge

What melancholia. What bull. Eons ago, I sat for community meetings at the place where I work discussing objectives toward the design of a new building. I'm probably the only person still working here who took part in that, as everyone else has either retired or transferred elsewhere. and the only person who remembers the agreement between the community and the architects to create a small backyard where staff could take their breaks. I've blogged about this issue in the past, as I will in future from time to time.

Today a member of the group responsible for removing the wrought iron benches requested a plastic container for watering the plants. however, there is so much I can overlook when small insignificant favors are needed that aren't worth the trouble of going thru management for, and sweet revenge is at the top of my list these days. I approached the person responsible for the benches and requested their return, but I was instructed that I was asking the wrong person and my boss's boss is whom I need to make my suggestions to; but when I approached that person, they passed the buck right back to the original culprit.

This is a picture of the benches that were moved to the front of the building.

Don't get me wrong, it's always great to see people sitting and enjoying a restful time here. However, check out the next picture.

In this picture of the sane benches, you can plainly see how the path is obstructed and patrons are forced to maneuver out if the way of people who sit there.
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