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Third season of Sons of Anarchy

Fiona steals the series. I'd say that's fair.

here is a list of episode titles with their release dates. September 7, 2010 "So"
September 14, 2010 "Oiled"
September 21, 2010 "caregiver"
September 28, 2010 "Home"
October 5, 2010 "Turning and turning"
October 12, 2010 "The push"
October 19, 2010 "Widening gyre" guest starring Bellina Logan

I finally got caught up to season 3 of Sons of Anarchy, the FX motorcycle series. Season 3 aired in 2010, but because FX thought it would be funny/cute to run one minute length commercial advertisements plugging this new series, my tivo mistakenly recorded the episodes as well as the one minute commercials. Not having adjusted the maximum number of episodes TiVo should keep as unlimited, the recording device began deleting episodes before I got a chance to tune in to watch the drama. As a result, I ended up missing the above episodes. That was a real crock.

Out of frustration I began to delete the stupid one minute commercials without carefully watching what I was doing, and as result deleted one called Bainne (due to human error). even so, and I still consider myself somewhat human despite my taste in violence in entertainment, I sat thru all episodes in a single watching spanning two days.

Now, just to get one thing straight, this season totally had me hooked even before I saw the first episode, because the season prior to 3 contained a character by the name of Fiona that I was hoping to see more of in future episodes. Low and behold, Fiona does make an appearance toward the middle of season 3.

Although it would be completely outrageous to say that Bellina Logan, the actress who plays the role of Fiona, was the main theme of season 3, considering how few scenes she actually had in season 3, it is one of the main reasons I continue to watch Sons of Anarchy. Ironically, the one other episode from season 3 that I still haven't seen (Bainne) (originally airing November 16, 2010; and scheduled to record in tivo August 25, 2011) aired around the time the episodes containing Fiona scenes aired; so there is a chance that I will be able to enjoy one last episode if Sons of Anarchy before next season.

After I finally began watching season 3, it was roughly 6:30PM. I fast fwd'd past the commercials to watch as many episodes as I possibly could that day. I would guess it was about one o'clock in the morning when I realized that I had skipped an episode and went from watching the episode Firinne to watching the episode June wedding. And yet, I couldn't bring myself to stop watching this TV drama. It was 4:00AM when the season finale aired.

I still don't know whether Fiona will have any scenes in Bainne because I forgot to check online at work. It's a real drag not having Internet at home, but I can see why people sometimes describe Internet as a retarded form of media. What with people stopping on a whim to find the answer to their dumb little questions like "is Bellina Logan in the episode called Bainne?". Below is the remainder of episodes from season 3.
October 26, 2010 "Lochan Mor" guest starring Bellina Logan
November 2, 2010 "Turas" guest starring Bellina Logan
November 9, 2010 "Firinne"
November 16, 2010 "Bainne"
November 23, 2010 "June wedding"
November 30, 2010 "NS"

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