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I've been a complete recluse since finding out my fav news anchor failed to renew her contract with TV4. I don't know where to turn to anymore for getting the news. It's an awfully empty feeling, much like having one's favorite sitcom cancelled.

What should i do? I know She is working on an investigative report on night clubs, so this new illustration feels appropriate. I'm on a mission to visit as many bars as I can until I find the one im looking for, a darkly lit place that I saw in a picture online containing 8"x11" photo frames of what I can only imagine are celebrities. Amongst these decorative photos are the theatrical happy/sad masks. It shouldn't be too difficult to find here in Hollyweird. But I've already tried to inquire about this watering hole on lj's los_angeles. People only requested more information, like the actual photograph that I was referring to, and I had qualms about doing that; so nobody seems to know. Hah! And I thought the members of los Angeles were hipsters.

There is so many things wrong with this illustration in terms of composition. I mean, why a yamulka? Well, because my mind is on TV4 and i definitely didnt want to draw a self portrait--long story short--I really like the way the sports reporter spikes his hair but every time I watch him on the news, I fixate one of those yarmulkas on his head as if he really were Jewish.

When I penciled this composition, I didn't like it, when I went back in with color pencils, I didn't like it, when I applied a watercolor brush to blend the color pencil, I didn't like. Frankly, that's the reason I didn't sign this illustration, but after I went in and outlined the picture with a sumi brush, there was some improvement. After I scanned it into the computer, I began to see some artistic quality to it only in the shrunken thumbnail version of it. So I opened the image up in photoshop, blurred it a bit, and shrunk it down to 20% it's original scanned size. Not only does this save memory space when I upload it, but I might not have to answer any questions about the lame dialog captions I scribbled. I think I might even like to make an lj icon out if it.
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