Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

Nook libraries

I decided I would get my mom a nook this year on Mother's Day. Of course, not being fond of technology, she doesn't really feel comfortable using it. Something about it being excessively weighty. Perhaps that's reasonable seeing the ebook I purchased for her is by Eva Gabrielsson, the significant other in Stieg Larsson's short life. Her biography is 150 + pages in length. I also bought an ebook of 1000+ pages long. It's called My faraway one about the romance between Georgia O'keeffe and that photographer Stieglitz (can't remember first name. Al or something). Anyway, I just now downloaded the free Nook software to the iPod Touch and I've been able to download all books in Mom's library as well. Now I have something to read wherever I go. Reading off a 3.5" screen isn't the easiest thing to do, bug I think I rather read off an iPhone/iPod than a 4" screen HTC EVO since I learned that an iPod contains more pixels on their smaller screen providing sharper resolution.

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