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A bunch of YouTube videos I was watching on the subject of Euskera, a mysterious language.

It isn't easy copying URL addresses to YouTube videos that I want to share on my blog without creating a bunch of individual entries for each video I find interesting. YouTube has a nice SHARE button that allows for emailing a video, and that's how I went about it (with Apples iOS mobile technology). Now I'm going back in and editing each post to combine them into a single entry on the subject of Euskera.

  1. ¿Pero es que ni Dios habla euskera?

  2. el idioma mas antiguo
  3. Atraco en euskera
  4. Atraco en Euskera II - Vaya Semanita
  5. Rap euskera
  6. ana hablando euskera en killarney
  7. Ene Euskera
  8. Euskera en Navarra
  9. Euskera en 1000 palabras: hoy, "lento" e "inútil"
  10. Euskera en mil palabras: El vizcaíno y el guipuzk
  11. Como divertirse en los ferrocatas
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