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The ultimatum of the century. KNBC thinks jerking around its viewers politically OK

My life revolved around the six o'clock news, I came to realize, when my need to watch She, of TV4 could spark tension in my relationships. I am (was) totally dependent on what was being talked about in current events with Daily connection (when She was part of the team), special reports, the six o'clock weekday news and, whenever possible, the 5 o'clock spot. I still am.

Ana's inspiring words could not have had more meaning to me if they had come from a divine entity. I am truly prepared to pack up my bags and follow her to wherever it is she settles just to be able to watch her in my living room. The link above is an article from the LA Weekly which describes the practices KNBC news maintains in their decision to silence viewpoints like those of Ruben Salazar.

I will miss watching She, of TV4. I will miss her voice. I will miss the way she accentuated her outfits with her legs. I will miss looking at the pictures she appears in together with various celebs. I'll even miss her tweets.

She was the only thing NBC had going for them.
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