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keep the few faithful readers I have that browse the entries on my unending tribulations.

      I never thought I'd luv all the patriotism on the fourth of July, but this year I am listening to all kinds of illegal fireworks. I use to be able to recognize when somebody was drunk and trigger happy enough to risk the $1K stipend for firing their weapon in the air, but now I can't figure it out. I took this opportunity to play my guitar really fucking loud. The spell is broken and if I'm ever to be visited by a cop responding to complaints by neighbors about how loud I can be, it's not today. I just stepped outside to roll up the windows to my truck and there're bottle rockets all over the place (not just Dodger Stadium and/or Echo Park). I'm eager to complete the song I've been trying to learn for more than a year. I've memorized the solo. YAY!! I'm having trouble with the CODA.
      I'll probably have to lay low for a bit. I seem to have developed a blister on my third finger. I haven't done that in awhile and thought it would never happen now that the third finger of mine has cultivated a considerable callousness to it. Once this heals though, all I'll need to do is practice increasing my speed during my solo and feeling the rhythm. Every time I play MEAN MAN, it isn't until I'm thinking of my ex-girlfriend (now probably very family oriented) and giving the line I'm a mean mother fucking man relevance to my desire for her. After all, a mother that bears a child who isn't my own is the best kind of mother I'd ever fuck.
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