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My favorite news anchor at NBC

Several months ago i noticed that the program description for the 6 o'clock news stopped displaying Chuck Henry's name as a description for the program that's fine by me, but i was concerned about that maybe this was the preliminary stages for making changes to the news anchors. And, see? I was right. They [anchors] may have dragged their feet about it, but I'm willing to bet that sooner or later the description of the program, whether it be as simple as naming the regular anchors, will appear on my channel listings with Direct TV.

I never missed an episode of She of TV4 since 2005 when her 6 year stint as co-anchor began. Of course, I didn't catch some of the special investigative reports before that time, of those broadcasts where she would fill in for a 5 o'clock anchor either on vacation or out sick. sadly, I'll keep dubbing the NBC news but it's very likely the biggest change in my viewing habit will be to fast forward until She appears in a segment. I liked it more when She appeared with location background scenery and full figure exposures.
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