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During a short gap of missing THR issues, I treated myself to movies

Movies seen recently are Bad teacher (because this was the first day I had off work while we were experiencing a slight heat wave), then there was Horrible bosses, but somewhere between Bad teacher and Horrible bosses, I also went to see Hangover 2. The very last movie I've seen was Bridesmaids. The biggest disappointment of this bunch was Hangover 2. As a matter of fact, this movie was so bad, the moment I got out of the theater, I couldn't wait to blog about how awful it was so I created a voice post describing how bad this sequel was, even for a sequel.

The next film least liked is a toss between Bridesmaids and Horrible bosses. While I would be willing to watch Horrible bosses all over again on HBO, when it finally airs in High Def, the only reason I might watch Bridesmaids over again would be if I was already desperately channel surfing for something to watch. And even if I stumbled onto something interesting on the National Geographic channel, the odds are slim that I would watch Bridesmaids over something about insects or herpes. The unusual thing, however, is that I laughed more during Bridesmaids than I did during Horrible bosses. I don't know whether some jokes may have gone over my head or what, but the humor, jokes, antics, whatever you want to call it, in Horrible were dull to me. All I remember thinking throughout the film "I'm really laughing inside". I don't think I even cracked a smile throughout the flick.

I did like Bad teacher. There is just something about sticking it to authority figures. I still kinda live in a world where everything meaningful to me revolves around the good ol' days, high school. Yes, it is shameful when you think about it, especially considering there's a lot more action going on in college, but by the time I made it to college, I was so burned out, I wasn't able to focus on anything, much less the writing on the board. So, my venture to nerdville actual began when I started college.

While I was attending Trade Tech College, my high school sweetheart also enrolled in a course in fashion design at the same school. How lucky us that?! right? I mean, I was so completely studious, trying my damnedest to learn the material, I totally didn't know she was there, and learned of this coincidence about 20 years later. I still loved her back then! But yes, what comes with geekdom is lack of expression; so even if our paths had crossed, I definitely would've come out with something stupid to say. I had a rash, I remember, that always had my hand inside my lapel, like Napolean Bonaparte.

I still haven't seen the film Hesher. I don't know if I will be impelled to get out of my little hell this weekend to see it since the weather has been kind. Living where I do is nothing if not money saving without heating or cooling during extreme spells of highs and lows temperaturewise. The landlord has provided a fan. Still, the humidity takes some getting used to before I can tolerate sitting on the couch with nothing more than shorts and a good book to read. I happen to like quiet and solitude. I'm still reading about Rebol, which isn't all that exciting. I'm at a chapter where user registration comes into practice. So there's import, export, input, WTF, blah blah blah, I don't know what else. This stuff doesn't stay in my head, you know.

What I have seen about using Rebol as a programming language for designing web sites is that tables are used extensively. As I continue to read this how-to Rebol text book, I flirt with the idea, behind my head, of eliminating the use of tables as an HTML tag and replacing it with CSS, but at the same time that I contemplate this, I come to realize that my Vanilla site, the bliki downloadable at, has got a CSS style sheet as well as table tags. So my brilliant mind seems to be raving mad about something I still know little about. Oh well, back to topic.

I recently commented on the facebook page of an English actress named Juliet Cowan. Other than that, I don't know what upcoming attractions this summer holds for moviephobes. I stopped downloading crap from showbiz data. It was lame how so many titles of prospective movie ideas would appear on the list, and yet I would never see any reference to the next most talked about film to come this winter: The girl with the dragon tattoo.

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