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My Y2K idea for a marketing bonanza

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      Back when everyone was talking about Y2K bugs, I thought the turn of the century would be the perfect oppt. to invent a portable, oblique handle, calligraphy pen. Most oblique handles are used for dip pens. I imagined combining a fountain pen with a mechanism that allows the tip to turn 30° would be a gold mine. Only recently did I discover, with the help of the SfC, a site selling out of the UK a ballpoint for lefties with a 30° angle tip.

My Personal Dna Report

      I like to think I'm the biggest pen fiend in town. Just recently I got the clerk in charge of ordering office supplies to switch to Bic pens over Papermate. I like the crystal Bic pens because they don't roll around so much when paper shuffling innevitably knocks them to the ground.
      BTW, the text to the song lyrics I had begun to write are
Your soul is my desire
      desire I can't control
Be still my beating heart.
      each beat you have stole
Your mind calls to me.
      calls me closer to you
Be calm my aching heart.
      the ache drives me to you
Your eyes.
      the depth I see. So deep
The tears you cry will devour me

A flower to behold
Don't run. don't blow away
Breathless to my eyes
      So bright.
never to fade
Calmness and mystery
Entwines and captivates me
Delicate to the touch
      From what I could see

I only wanted to get you close to me
to feel the love inside of me
You turned away from me
You looked the other way
You didn't see my tears for you
I only wanted to take you in my arms,
      and lay you down here with me
You tried to turn and flee from my side
You tore out the heart of me
If only you had stayed.
What may have been?
We could have been beautiful
Could have walked the Earth, flown into skies,
      swam the deepest of seas
But you couldn't see anything in me
You stayed too far from my path
Maybe now you see everything in me
I'm sorry it had to be this way

Your eyes.
      your smile
No more laughter again
We were something
No more
      nothing to me

Now I walk alone.
      Naked to the bone
My heart has fled far from me
Until another day. I find the one,
      Who looks beyond the eyes in me

from the MY DYING BRIDE album The dreadful hours.

      You know what sucks? This laptap gets so hot, I can't even rest my palms on it when I type. My fingertips are sweating. How about this heat. It's days like this I wish I were rich and owned a house with a pool. I'm so off kilter, I'd probably try converting a pool into a koi pond to get out of pool maintenance. It's much more fun to maintain a pond with fish. Fish make the greatest pets. They don't scratch like cats, they don't slobber like dogs, they aren't as noisy as birds, and the only other pet I'd consider learning to care for would be reptiles because of their similar characteristics. They live in aquariums, they don't talk back, they don't need to be walked, and they don't gag on hairballs.
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