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Junior's parking stub

      I didn't really want to talk about the trial I was given to pass judgment over in my willingness to be part of a jury. Judge Ettinger warned his jury panel not to say a word about it. This being the first time I was ever appointed a case (I've been summoned before) I figured the dressing in outrageous clothing, acting a bit crazy in my responses I gave didn't work to get me off. I don't know why I wrote all my notes in Sutterlin. It wasn't as though somebody was going to say, "Hey this juror thinks he's a German living in the 16th century. He's a complete loone." At a fair distance, it would've appeared that I was the most sane juror in the group, taking my little notes as if I were paying attention, reacting to what was going on, etc. I wore my "Jury Duty" badge proudly, above the waste line the way I was instructed. The bastards give you a badge with a clip to hang on your shirt some place without concern that the rusty clip may ruin a nice silk (or cotton) shirt. I had to bring an AIDS benefit, 5K, green lanyard to hang my badge around my neck. Like a noose, but I looked like a dog on a leash.
      During my last week (this post is back dated to reflect the time) I went to Pentolinos for lunch. :-P There I sat alone feasting on the specials. I remove my leash because it's uncomfortable to eat with it on. As the lanyard lay motionless on the table, I glance at it. I'd also do this from time to time as I would look down at my dangling juror's badge to be certain that I had gotten it validated. See the red seal stamp. Parking at the Disney Concert Hall is $17.00 (me thinks) if the stub is not validated. I'm not paying that the way gasoline prices are today.
      Is it my imagination, or does the sentence which reads LOCK YOUR CAR appear to be the words "FUCK YOU"? Bar-b-q special and the grilled salmon plates are not to be missed.
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